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Reviews by Anita

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dorothymustdieDOROTHY MUST DIE
Danielle Paige
This is an exciting return to an Oz gone wrong. When a tornado transports Amy (from Kansas, of course) to the land of Oz, she discovers a land corrupted by the evil powers of Dorothy. The tin man, scarecrow and lion (and even Toto the dog) are all villainous participants, and Amy must join forces with those that seek to save Oz and return it to it’s glorious past. The reader is transported back to the land of Oz to experience this dangerous and thrilling tale.


TaleforthetimebeingA TALE FOR THE TIME BEING
Ruth Ozeki
When sixteen-year-old Nao decides to take her own life, she first commits to telling the story of her great grandmother, a Buddhist nun. Nao’s diary travels across the Pacific from Tokyo, and is washed ashore on a remote Canadian island. The diary, along with some mysterious letters, are found by a novelist, Ruth, who gets swept up in Nao’s story. This exquisitely told tale ties together the past and the present with intrigue, pathos and humor.


thelowlandTHE LOWLAND
Jumpha Lahiri
The Lowland is another masterpiece by Jumpha Lahiri. She tells a powerful story involving two brothers, their families, their deep secrets, and — one of Lahiri’s favorite topics – the immigrant experience. This riveting novel has already been nominated for the Man Booker Prize and the National Book Award. A brilliant novel by an extremely gifted writer.


Curtis Sittenfeld
Twins. Two identical girls. Each one possessing “senses” (which is their euphemism for having psychic abilities.) But while Vi embraces and uses her senses, Kate abhors and rejects her own abilities. When Vi draws media attention by predicting a pending earthquake, Kate becomes drawn into the drama. As adults, the two women have taken very different paths, but their lives remain connected in so many ways. A beautiful story of friendship, family and self-acceptance.


snowchildSNOW CHILD
Ewoyn Ivey
A beautifully told tale of an older couple trying to homestead in Alaska during the early 1900s. As the burdens of their lives weigh heavily upon them, they are suddenly transformed by the apperance of a little girl running through the snow-covered woods. How is this child surviving? Life in Alaska is magnificently depicted in this haunting and magical story.


Aimee Bender
Nine year old Rose Edelstein has the unwelcome “gift” of literally tasting the emotions of those who prepare her food. This becomes a burden for the young girl as she grows older and continues to be privy to people’s secrets and emotions. Binder writes with a beautiful touch as she flirts with magic realism within a bittersweet tale of familial disfunction and love.


Emma Donoghue
Five year-old Jack has lived his whole life inside a tiny, single room. Born to a mother held captive, the two live a sequestered existence in which they develop their own language, games, fantasies and communication.  The book, which is told from Jack’s perspective, is haunting and disturbing.  Yet it is also incredibly beautiful and moving, as it explores the redemptive power of a mother’s love.


Geraldine Brooks
A fictionalized account of the first Native American to graduate from Harvard College.  The year is 1665 and the place is Martha’s Vineyard.  Bethia, a young girl who has already experienced many hardships, lives with her family in a Puritan community, where her minister father’s mission is to convert the native Wampanoag inhabitants to Christianity.  When Bethia meets the son of a Wampanoag chieftain, she renames him “Caleb”, and the two young people form a strong, life-changing bond.  A beautiful tale of two cultures, friendship, and the risks of pursuing one’s dreams.


stateofwonderSTATE OF WONDER
Ann Patchett
A team of doctors and scientists are studying the Lakashi tribe who live hidden deep in the Amazon jungle. They have discovered that women in this tribe remain fertile and able to bear children well into old age. A drug company is funding a research project there, but the head researcher has remained uncommunicative and evasive. Marina, who works for the drug company, is sent to the Amazon to locate the researchers and find out how a colleague of hers died on a similar mission. A fascinating mystery and adventure story all rolled into one. This is a beautifully written novel filled with glorious and vivid descriptions. Ann Patchett at her best!