(Staff Favorites) Greg’s Picks

(Staff Favorites) Greg’s Picks




Brandon Sanderson

Winner of the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novella

Fantasy set in the same world as his first novel Elantris; it is a departure for Brandon, who is known for his sprawling huge epics, to write a right exploration of three characters and through them the nature of life, death and art. Though it’s a tighter format his skill at creating character and magic is not at all dulled.



M.R. Carey

Given Carey’s history as a writer of chilling urban fantasy novels and horror comics it’s no surprise he wrote a dread inducing realistic take on zombies with Girl With All the Gifts. Mainly told from the viewpoint of a ten-year-old plague survivor he reveals the horrors of his concept with wonder filled eyes. As the reality of this story unfolds, and predictably goes from bad to oh so much worse, the story really focuses on the characters inner struggles, not just mere survival, giving its various endings all the more strength. I can say this is one of the grimmer apocalyptic novels I have read but it also manages to be the most oddly hopeful and uplifting.


John Scalzi

Winner of the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novel from among a group of excellent and diverse nominees.

This book shows the lives of the faceless barely named characters from science fiction TV whom are often the ones not to return from missions. John created his own “TV” SF setting like so many others and simulates the loose writing (to be kind) of the “TVshow” genre with deft skill and goes to unexpected places with the story.



Claire North

Able to be anyone through a simple touch but always singularly themselves the so called ‘ghosts’ of Claire North’s second thriller poses many quandaries for the thinking reader. Claire questions the things we hold as true for the human condition going beyond concerns like age, social standing, race, gender, sexuality or conventions of beauty to ask what lies beneath it all. Her tightly plotted suspense story is enough to recommend it but the questions it begs will stay with you…Best I read this year.