Sarah Perry

A coterie of Londoners and essex country-folk are drawn into the orbit of Cora Seaborne, recently widowed and freed from an abusive marriage. Cora’s desire to become a naturalist draws her to rivers and estuaries of Essex where rumors of a water-monster have reawakened the locals’ fears of a long-ago evil. Thr rumors fuel Cora’s hopes of discovering, instead, dinosaur fossils suitable for display in museums–and, perhaps, a living throwback to the geologic past. Author Perry is remarkable in her rich evocation of the Essex weather, earth, flora, and fauna that Cora eager;y encounters. Equally remarkable is Perry’s depiction of her late-Victorian cast who are anything but the fusty, repressed characters of modern imagination. In this work of historical fiction, ancients fears and superstitions clash with a thoroughly modern gamut of passion, science, and reason to propel Perry’s cast into one another’s lives and to the threshold of the 20th century.


Joseph Kanon

WW is over and the Cold War is just beginning. The setting is Istanbul, it’s feet deeply planted in both Asia and Europe, where this well-paced story of murder, espionage, love and remembrance of simpler times takes place. Honor, trust and decency seem to be in short supply, fading with the warm, summer light. It’s a very dangerous and morally confusing time, especially for an innocent forced to play a deadly game amongst ruthless amateurs and professionals. Which colleague, old friend–even lover–can one trust? Never mind Russian former-allies, side-jumping Romanians, smugglers of Jews to Palestine, or to the officially neutral Turkish hosts who play all sides against the middle.


Thomas L. Friedman

Change isn’t new, but the rate of that change today is…breathtakingly so. Friedman considers this to be the Age of Acceleration. Expect to see the words ‘exponentially’ and ‘compounded’ frequently. If you’re an optimist like Friedman, this may be a glimpse of a brave new world. If not, prepare for a mind-boggling descent down the rabbit hole. Thank You employs the classic Friedman approach: a globe-spanning range of topics on a theme, generously leavened with Friedman’s personal observations and quotes from smart, articulate, engaging experts and players. This can be read cover-to-cover or dipped into as fancy–and ability to adapt–allows. Warning: Not for the change-adverse.