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American Mermaid

by Julia Langbein

Penelope did not write American Mermaid for fame or fortune- she is quite content with her life teaching highschool english. But with one post about her book from a massively popular influencer, suddenly all the major studios want to adapt her quirky tale of a mermaid ecowarrior into the next blockbuster. 

Penelope is flown to LA, and dropped into the strange purgatory of adaptation. She’s living in a hotel that refuses to call itself a hotel, arguing about whether fish should be sexy with her team of screenwriters, and struggling to find the bathroom at an endless stream of parties. She’s so far from normal, she almost doesn’t notice when the script starts to make changes to itself, and the characters and events from her novel start to bleed into her real life.

A hilarious and trippy fish out of water tale about the creative process, and how much of the artist actually goes into the art itself. – Skye