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The Daughter of Doctor Moreau - Silvia Moreno Garcia

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

by Silvia Moreno Garcia

Which is more monstrous: the creation of life, or the exploitation of it? This reimagining of the classic novel is set in the Yucatan, and centers on Carlota, the beautiful and sheltered daughter of the titular doctor. The “monsters” her father has created are all Carlota has ever known. They are her friends, and her family, as natural as the land itself. But the handsome young son of her father’s patron thinks differently, and views Carlota differently. The hybrids, and Carlota herself, are objects to display, trade, and use. Unfortunately, nature does not like to be controlled. Moreno spins this story on its head, and examines the devastating effects of colonialism, sexism, and racism with gut wrenching accuracy. – Skye