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The Light We Carry

There may be no tidy solutions or pithy answers to life’s big challenges, but Michelle Obama believes that we can all locate and lean on a set of tools to help us better navigate change and remain steady within flux. In The Light We Carry, she opens a frank and honest dialogue with readers, considering the questions many of us wrestle with: How do we build enduring and honest relationships? How can we discover strength and community inside our differences? What tools do we use to address feelings of self-doubt or helplessness? What do we do when it all starts to feel like too much?

In this inspiring follow-up to her critically acclaimed, #1 bestselling memoir Becomingformer First Lady Michelle Obama shares practical wisdom and powerful strategies for staying hopeful and balanced in today’s highly uncertain world.

Dickens and Prince

Equipped with a fan’s admiration and his trademark humor and wit, Nick Hornby invites us into his latest obsession: the cosmic link between two unlikely artists, geniuses in their own rights, spanning race, class, and centuries—each of whom electrified their different disciplines and whose legacy resounded far beyond their own time.

Examining the two artists’ personal tragedies, social statuses, boundless productivity, and other parallels, both humorous and haunting, Hornby shows how these two unlikely men from different centuries “lit up the world.” In the process, he creates a lively, stimulating rumination on the creativity, flamboyance, discipline, and soul it takes to produce great art.

Now Is Not the Time to Panic

An exuberant, bighearted novel about two teenage misfits who spectacularly collide one fateful summer, and the art they make that changes their lives forever. written with Kevin Wilson’s trademark wit and blazing prose, Now Is Not the Time to Panic is a nuanced exploration of young love, identity, and the power of art. It’s also about the secrets that haunt us—and, ultimately, what the truth will set free.

Demon Copperhead

A retelling of the classic Dickens novel David Copperfield, Demon Copperhead is set in the mountains of southern Appalachia. It’s the story of a boy born to a teenaged single mother in a single-wide trailer, with no assets beyond his dead father’s good looks and copper-colored hair, a caustic wit, and a fierce talent for survival. In a plot that never pauses for breath, relayed in his own unsparing voice, he braves the modern perils of foster care, child labor, derelict schools, athletic success, addiction, disastrous loves, and crushing losses. Through all of it, he reckons with his own invisibility in a popular culture where even the superheroes have abandoned rural people in favor of cities.

When We Were Birds

Port Angeles, Trinidad. Darwin has reluctantly, painfully gone against the beliefs of his Rastafarian family and taken up work as a grave digger. He is adrift in a city alone, his past abandoned.

Morne Marie, Trinidad. Yejide stands at the bedside of her dying mother – next to the ghost of her mother’s twin. In every generation of St. Bernard women, there is one who must escort the dead to the afterlife. Yejide inherits this legacy…and she must decide how to reckon with her fate.

Darwin and Yejide’s lives thread together when they meet in Fidelis, the old cemetery where Darwin works. Ayanna Lloyd Banwo’s debut novel is image-rich, driven by familial obligation and love, relentlessly magical – and her voice is strong. This is a love story of mythic proportions. – Liv

Ordinary Monsters

Victorian London. Moody cobblestone streets beset by constant rain. Two teens, from vastly different backgrounds, have two things in common: they both
have mysterious abilities, and are hiding from a man made of shadow.

This is a gritty supernatural tale of intrigue that will thrill fantasy and mystery lovers alike. – Dom 

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

Which is more monstrous: the creation of life, or the exploitation of it? This reimagining of the classic novel is set in the Yucatan, and centers on Carlota, the beautiful and sheltered daughter of the titular doctor. The “monsters” her father has created are all Carlota has ever known. They are her friends, and her family, as natural as the land itself. But the handsome young son of her father’s patron thinks differently, and views Carlota differently. The hybrids, and Carlota herself, are objects to display, trade, and use. Unfortunately, nature does not like to be controlled. Moreno spins this story on its head, and examines the devastating effects of colonialism, sexism, and racism with gut wrenching accuracy.

This Time Tomorrow

What if you woke up one morning and found yourself back in high school? The day she is supposed to turn 40, this is exactly where Alice finds herself, transported back in time to her 16th birthday. How Alice uses her adult life experience to reexamine her younger self, her choices, and most importantly, her connection with her father, is the winning heart of this sweet and funny novel. Told with such warmth and kindness, this is Emma Straub at her absolute best!

Bomb Shelter

Mary Laura Philpott, author of I Miss You When I Blink, returns with a beautiful memoir that meanders and weaves through the wilds of being a person. Philpott examines our true relationship to media— how it comforts us in bizarre little ways. She travers the scope of our attachment to the weird little living things around us. She finds fantastic throughlines to tie stories together and picks just the perfect, most hilarious and most painful anecdotes to explain her relationship to the world around her. The result is a true marvel of humor and hope. – Liv

The Last White Man

Mohsin Hamid’s gift for exploring deep and complex issues in original ways is on full display with The Last White Man. Anders wakes up one morning to find that his skin has turned dark. At first, as he navigates this new self, he only tells his girlfriend, Oona. As reports of similar transformations around the land become more and more frequent, Anders reveals himself to family and friends, forcing everyone to grapple with old prejudices as they reexamine their relationships with one another. The brilliance of this book is the way in which Hamid explores a full range of human emotions as he brings his characters together, envisioning a hopeful future of empathy and understanding.


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