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by Catriona Ward

Rob’s childhood was not normal. It’s taken her years to carefully construct and curate a facade of normalcy, which she uses to protect
her children in ways she never was. But you can’t protect your
children from themselves. Her daughter Callie whispers to things
that aren’t there, collects bones, and hurts her little sister with
calculated apathy. In Callie, Rob sees the echoes of all the things she
has worked so hard to leave behind.

In an effort to avoid history repeating itself, Rob takes Callie to Sundial, her abandoned childhood home in the Mojave Desert. As Callie learns more about her mother, and the literal and figurative skeletons that are buried at Sundial, she can’t help but wonder if the true threat has always been Rob.

Ward writes with the pace and insight of Stephen King, and the emotional depth and intelligence of Sally Rooney. A terrifying read
you won’t be able to put down. – Skye & Liv